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It all started when…

Gilbert Lee stumbled across something called “the Slow Elevator Problem,” in the Harvard Business Review. Imagine you own an office building and tenants are complaining about the slow, creaky elevator. What do you do? If you think it’s a “Slow Elevator Problem,” then you think about making the elevator faster – like replacing it with a new one. But what if instead it is actually a “The Wait Is Annoying Problem?” Then you start thinking about making the wait more enjoyable – like playing music in the elevator.

That got Gilbert, a lawyer by trade, wondering: What if “Law Problems” – or for that matter, any kind of problems you face – sometimes just well-disguised “People Problems?” Or “Business Problems?” Or “Organizational Problems?” Or “Decision-Making Problems”? And so on. What can we learn from people in other disciplines, and what can a lawyer do to help you along that path?